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A comprehensive beginner guide to the best archery courses and clubs in London

Welcome to our exploration of the best archery experiences in London

As the nation’s capital, there’s unsurprisingly a wide variety of archery courses and clubs to be found within London’s borders. Each one comes with its own unique charm and community spirit. As well as different archery coaches, equipment, and costs.

This article will dive into what makes the best archery clubs in London stand out from the rest. We’ll also give details on which of these archery ranges have the best classes and best beginner courses. We’ll highlight the unique offerings and leave the decisions of where to shoot, up to you!

Best all round archery clubs for beginners

2020 Archery

4.9 stars from 333+ reviews on Google. 5 stars from us!
SE1 2EZ. London Bridge, Coxson Place, The Downside Centre, Druid St.

Have-a-go sessions. 1.5 hours every Saturday and some Mondays. Plenty of dates available on their website to book in advance. Between 7-12 participants usually. They use standard recurve training bows without sights

Beginner courses. The courses run 3 times a week including weekends, £180 for 5 weeks of 1.5-2 hours length. First you will shoot traditionally without a sight and by week 2, you’ll be using a sight and Olympic style shooting. By the end of the course you’ll be shooting 20 yards distance accurately

Membership. £65 a year lets you shoot at the club (required and ArcheryGB membership does not count). It is then still £16.5 every time you want to shoot (though unlimited timeframe). Credit blocks are 10 sessions for £130 and 20 sessions for £220

Our opinion. 2020 Archery is one of the best archery classes in London. Instructors are of a high quality and the drop in sessions are some of the best in the UK to get started with archery. The pricing of the beginner courses and membership is pricey compared to some options in London. However the central location makes up for it. It’s very easy to get to if you work in the city!

Archery Fit

4.9 stars from 176 reviews on Google. 4.5 stars from us!
London SE10 8EW. Greenwich Hatfield House, Merryweather Place.

Have-a-go sessions. They run 4 to 6 group classes a day, which makes them have some of the best availability for drop-in sessions in London. However they’re on the expensive side: £35 for 90 minutes. 6 classes for £175. Unlimited shoot access is £125 a month for weekends or £150 for week days.

Beginner courses. Rather than a specific beginner course, they have just the above drop-in classes and recommend you get the 6-class package, which is £175 over 3 months of 6 classes.

Membership. Whilst they are affiliates with Archery GB and have coaches with good qualifications, they don’t appear to have full membership options like other Archery Clubs in the UK. If you are an experienced archer, they’ll let you shoot anytime 2 hours for £15. Or £125 a month. But for year-round access, they don’t appear to have a price set.

Our opinion. We had great fun at our session here and really enjoyed the space – indoors in the winter but well ventilated and air-conditioned. The coaches were all genuinely knowledgeable and really friendly. Food menu at their café is also incredible! Sweet potatoe wedges and peanut butter brownies. But the menu changes often. They also have sessions on later in the evening than other clubs.

Experience Archery

Have-a-go sessions. Probably the best drop-in class on the North side of London. Monday and Friday evenings, plus weekend mornings and afternoon. 8 people for an hour at £25. You can get a 1-to-1 session for £120 also.

Beginner courses. These courses run for five weeks on Monday and Friday evenings, as well as Sunday afternoons, with sessions lasting approximately 60 minutes each week. Intimate groups of just 6 people across 5 week, 1-hour sessions. £125 total.

Membership. Not a traditional membership – you either need to already be affiliated with ArcheryGB or complete the above beginner course. After that, you can shoot for £10.40 on Friday and Monday evenings or Sunday afternoons.

Our opinion. For those not ready to commit to a full year membership, their options to PAYG shoot are solid. However the beginner course is on the thin side with only 1 hour per session

Southfields Archery Club

Have-a-go sessions. Drop-in classes take place throughout the week and weekend. They’re over an hour and priced at only £11 before concessions. What’s better is that Southfields are a prestigious archery club and will have some of the best coaches in London to show you the ropes!

Beginner courses. Just go to one of the ‘Beginner’ drop-in classes using the booking link here . They’ll grant you completion after a certain number of classes but it’ll be cheaper than most courses if you’re good enough!

Membership. Membership is £118.50 when including ArcheryGB and you must have completed a beginner course at this club or another in the UK.

Our opinion. One of the best archery ranges in the UK. Top quality coaches and very affordable pricing.

Crystal Palace Bowmen (SE)

No reviews on Google. 4.5 stars from us!
St Dunstan’s Ln, Beckenham BR3 3SS

Have-a-go sessions. Not ran consistently but contact to get prices as they can sometimes run a session for up to 12 people of three hours in length.

Beginner courses. Sign up by contacting their email at £80 for six sessions in the summer, normally with a ratio of one qualified coach for every to archers. They can offer personalised ArcheryGB level training and insurance and equipment. On completion you get a certificate of completion that could be used for other clubs.

Membership. £130/£150+ for the outdoor/indoor membership annual fee plus a £70 joining fee. You’ll also have to have either completed their beginner course or already be a member of ArcheryGB. However once this is all paid, you can shoot for free every Sunday.

Our opinion. One of the best value beginner archery courses in London, though altogether their membership costs are steep, and the training/outdoor facility on the grounds of Old Dunstonian’s club is not in the best nick. But you don’t need fancy facilities to practice archery!

Best location-specific archery clubs for beginners in London

London Archers

4* from 1 google review.
67 Bayswater Rd, London W2 3PH, United Kingdom

Have-a-go sessions. Only run in the summer. Limited information but check their calendar to get more information on this.

Beginner courses. As above but these are only run during the winter.

Membership. Membership is £113 when including ArcheryGB. Once a member or affiliate member, they shoot 3 times a week on Sunday and Saturday afternoons and mornings or Wednesday evenings.

Our opinion. If this is your closest archery club in London, get in touch with them directly to see what options they have upcoming.

Hampstead Archery Club

5* from 2 reviews on Google.
London NW3 2QG. Royal Free Hospital Recreation Centre, Fleet Road.

Have-a-go sessions. A target archery club which offers drop-in sessions just one day a week. They take place for 2 hours every Saturday, £25 for 2 hours. Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

Beginner courses. Every month they run a 6 week course of 2 hour lessons on consecutive Saturdays. Email them for details on cost but expect around the £125 price range.

Membership. £10 to shoot for 2 hours if you’re an AGB affiliated archer (£40 a year on top of your ArcheryGB fee). Otherwise you have to pass their beginner course and then join ArcheryGB through them.

Our opinion. A very friendly and good club with good coaches. Held back by limited availability and fees.

Enfield Archers

5* from 7 reviews on Google.
Suffolk’s Primary School, Brick Ln, Enfield EN1 3PU, United Kingdom

Have-a-go sessions. They do have regular events available, however limited staffing after COVID means you need to contact them directly for availability as their website is currently offline.

Beginner courses. £65 for the course, which is across 5 weeks, 4 sessions – great value and afterwards can become a member.  

Membership. Club members can shoot all year round, also Archery GB affiliated. Not many beginner courses but register your interest on their form.

Our opinion. Fantastic value though no direct experience at this club.

Woking Archery Club

4.8* from 6 reviews on Google
Deers Farm Cl, Wisley Ln, Wisley, Woking GU23 6QX, United Kingdom

Have-a-go sessions. Don’t appear to be running any at present, but they have historically.   

Beginner courses. Held over one weekend. Everything is pre-booked so that the coaches are per-person and the timing is based on the participants. So a very bespoke course! Cost is £80 for adults which is good value.

Membership. Concessions available, but senior fee is steep at £162 for ArcheryGB and other council affiliations, plus club fee of £57.50. Good thing however is that they let you pay by monthly standing orders, so you can break the costs down. And most importantly, once you pay you can shoot 7 days a week. They have their own field and leave it open to members all year round.

Our opinion. Not the cheapest membership prices but unparalleled access for this area or anywhere nearby within several miles. 24/7 shooting is really rare to come by within Greater London, so they win on accessibility alone!

Rivernook Bowmen

No google reviews
Apps Court Farm, Hurst Road, Walton-on-Thames, KT12 2EG

Have-a-go sessions. When there is sufficient demand, they offer 1 hour taster sessions for £10. Check in with them via their email to see if one is available soon.

Beginner courses. Great value beginner course at £70 for 6 hours of Tuition across multiple weekends.

Membership. Either by completing their course or via a course from another club, followed by their club membership and ArcheryGB membership. They run a number of outdoor and indoor events/competitions throughout the year.

Our opinion. Really good facilities and people at this large outdoor range. Very relaxed atmosphere!

CMO Bowmen (Croydon)

5 stars from 10 google reviews. 4.5 stars from us!
93 Pampisford Rd., Croydon, South Croydon CR2 6DH

Have-a-go sessions. Flat rate of £20 per participant, can book it through their online system. Typically take place Sunday afternoon from 1-3pm and you’ll get to shoot a number of arrows and learn archery range safety guidelines.  

Beginner courses. Held over one weekend – Saturday and Sunday from 12-5pm – make sure you bring a packed lunch! Can book through their online system. £150 for adults and £120 for juniors.

Membership. £143 for annual membership with discounts for under 25s and over 60s. This includes the cost to become an affiliate of ArcheryGB! You can then shoot whenever you want (Tuesdays, weekends, and Wednesdays in summer) with beautiful views over London.

Our opinion. Fantastic membership and lovely staff. A great beginner course but we are a little wary about that price point when it is being held over just a single weekend. You often need good rest after 5 hours of archery, and time for your mind to learn and remember the techniques. Worth doing if you plan to shoot here regularly afterwards though as the membership is great value.

Thomas Wall Archers

4.8 starts from 5 Google reviews. 4 stars from us.

Green Ln, Morden SM4 6SL

Have-a-go sessions. N/A

Beginner courses. Costs £70 for a weekend course. Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am – 3pm. Includes sights on the archery bows which is advanced for most courses! Sign up for the course by contacting

Membership. £102.50 annual membership for seniors and £60 for under 25s. You can then shoot freely with them on the weekends!

Our opinion. Very good value membership and beginner course!

Royal Richmond Archery Club

4.6* from 5 reviews on Google
2AA, 187 Kew Rd, Richmond TW9 2BB.

Have-a-go sessions. Rather than singular drop-in sessions, they offer 2-hour introduction sessions for £50. These are on selected Saturdays throughout the year.

Beginner courses. Across two consecutive Saturdays in May and June, £150 total but full-day sessions.

Membership. Completion of their beginner course or through ArcheryGB affiliation. Contact them for more details!

Our opinion. N/A

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