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A comprehensive review of Merlin Archery

In the UK archery space, finding a shop to buy your equipment from is harder than you might think. Not many shops will be ‘local’ to everyone who wants to jump into the sport. Many physical archery shops had to close down over COVID and the industry has not yet fully recovered. And navigating the world of online retailers and independent shops can be a more daunting task. Thankfully, the UK has one of the most trusted and respected global brands in the game: Merlin Archery. Here’s our review on everything you need to know about this UK retailer.

Do they have heritage in the sport?

Merlin Archery are considered one of the most reputable brands in the UK. They’ve been around for over 50 years and were founded by an archery enthusiast from humble beginnings. It’s actually a family owned business, that has been passed down through generations. They’ve been so successful over this time period that they now have their own in-house manufacturing facilities. That means they actually produce a wide variety of some of the best archery equipment in the UK, rather than just being a re-seller of US brands.

How expensive are Merlin Archery compared to other retailers?

The general consensus from our research is that prices at Merlin Archery are better than what can be found at the majority of UK archery retailers.

However this is specifically for beginner equipment. Their ‘starter kits’ are particularly noteworthy, bundling everything a new archer needs into a convenient affordable package. Their beginner recurve bows are some of the best priced on the market.

For high-end equipment, the prices level out and are often similar to other shops, especially after factoring VAT and customs duty on any US imports. One example is the top-end Hoyt compound bow. This can be ordered directly from Lancaster Archery at more or less the same price as Merlin Archery.

However they of course stock their own equipment and this is often priced better than other branded equipment. What is certain either way however, is that they are competitive with either Quicks or Clickers, the other two major players in this space in the UK.

What range of equipment do they have?

From recurve bows to high tech compound, Merlin Archery has everything you need as a novice.

For more advanced archers, they may lack in the more niche equipment areas such as arrows of high weight or unique materials. However this type of equipment is often best acquired directly from the more well-known arrow manufacturers.

Here’s some reviews of their equipment by them and others:

Are they easy to order from online?

Generally speaking, shipping works quite well with their online stores.

However it is quite common for couriers to have issues as they use independent couriers rather than their own. Issues of long waiting times for items are widespread. They can also be out of stock of some of the more popular items.

The process to order online however is very smooth. The UX of their website is of sufficient quality. The criticisms of their online shipping in general appear to be a series of isolated incidents rather than a consistent pattern.

And as for customer service? Several online forums consider them to be the most considered and customer friendly service that exists in the archery space.

Do they have a community?

They’ve got a great online presence, with a YouTube channel that offers guidance for the use of their gear.

Their physical stores will often have archery ranges. The Loughborough branch of Merlin Archery has a 10m range in the back of the shop where customers can try out bows and shop staff can run beginner lessons!

The positives of Merlin Archery

  • Merlin Archery has a reputation for great customer service. There’s widespread evidence that they are helpful and useful in answering questions for customers
  • They will spend as long as it takes to make sure you’re comfortable and set up with your new equipment if you visit them in-store
  • Their equipment is generally always top of the range, particularly their in-house made stuff

The negatives of Merlin Archery

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