Is Archery a Good Hobby?

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What is archery and why is archery a good hobby?

Archery is a great hobby to get into at any age or experience level. However, like learning any skill, archery can be a painful and frustrating experience if you are just starting out. However, the end result can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have in any sport or hobby.

Archery is quite simply the practice of shooting arrows from a bow. This is a skill that has been used for recreation, hunting and combat in hundreds of countries across the world for thousands of years. In modern UK, it is mainly practiced as a sport under a variety of archery games (like Target Archery).

So why is archery a good hobby? Here’s our list of 10 reasons to get started.

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Reasons archery is a good hobby:

1) It’s popular

Archery is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the UK, with a rich history in the country. More and more archery ‘clubs’ or ranges are opening country-wide every year. You have far more access and opportunity to get started with archery today than at any point in modern history.

2) It’s accessible

Archery is a hobby for all ages, genders or ability. It has competitions for all age groups and caters to all body sizes. Short, tall, slim, heavy? Archery is accessible to you no matter what shape you’re in. Even if you lack basic fitness, you can take up archery. It’s all about technique and you build fitness and strength through doing it. It’s also a year-round sport that can be played in every type of weather, indoors or outdoors. Not competitive? It can also just be done for leisure.

Finally it is also becoming more accessible too for beginners, due to the growing information that is available online. Even if you are a novice, you can learn entirely on your own if you want to.

3) It’s for extroverts AND introverts

It’s a sport that offers a great chance to be social or to find solitude, whichever takes your fancy. You can join a club and meet people to train alongside – or you can just shoot alone, and find solace in the peaceful serenity of the target

4) It’s FUN and cool

The feeling of that moment of your arrow release, and the sound of your arrow hitting the target: ‘fssssss pak!’ , is immensely satisfying. Hitting your target, or the bullseye, is even MORE satisfying. All forms of ‘shooting’ hobbies are fun but getting to see the flight of your arrow as it leaves your bow is what makes archery unique.

5) It will motivate you to master it

It’s a skill that will naturally get better each time you shoot, so unlike learning an instrument (where you can very quickly hit a wall and be unable to grow your skills without coaching), you can become your own teacher at archery very quickly, after understanding a few of the basics. I taught myself entirely alongside a few tips from my local range.

6) It’s therapeutic and meditative

One of the key steps to becoming better at archery is to ‘relax’ your mind. This means the practice of archery is one that also allows you to focus on being ‘present’. You go through the steps of the shot sequence like clockwork, and this routine allows you to get out of your head and not over-think. You can let go and just allow yourself to focus only on the bow and arrow for your hour of practice. Becoming one with the arrow and is a very ‘zen’ experience. At the end of the day, we always say that you will never see a sad person shooting a bow!

7) It’s great exercise!

Archery makes use of muscles you will rarely use in other sports – notably the back and shoulder muscles. It will give you a great workout without you realising it, as your focus will go entirely towards hitting the target, and you’ll quickly forget how much your muscles are being put to work.

8) It has plenty of additional health benefits

  • It teaches you about mental control and patience
  • Increases focus and relieves stress
  • Helps to improve your body posture and distance vision
  • Improves goal setting
  • It builds strength and stamina
  • It builds self confidence
  • It improves coordination and mental focus
  • It also gets you outdoors. You can add fresh air and vitamin D to the many benefits of archery as a hobby!

9) It’s safe

As a non-contact sport, archery will give you all of the thrills of a competitive sport without fearing that a horrific accident may occur. Of course, you are still using dangerous weapons. But, in a controlled environment of an archery club – accidents will rarely, if ever, happen. You can also see our full guide here on how to practice archery safely at home!

10) It’s an important survival skill

Though hunting is illegal in the UK, knowing how to shoot a target can be very useful for you should the collapse of society occur. If you ever have to hunt your own food – a bow and arrow is still one of the best ways to do so!

Why would archery NOT be a good hobby?

Archery isn’t for everyone, so it’s important to recognise that archery as a hobby:

  • Will be very addictive!
  • Requires a large space for you to do properly and safely
  • Is hard to learn and harder to master – though that just makes it more rewarding!
  • Will be very tiring when you are getting started
  • Will cause injury if you do not shoot with proper archery form

So, in short, there’s more reasons for you to start archery than to not! Archery is a great hobby that will only get better the more you put into it.

Happy shooting!